Discover the Lisbon and the Lisbon Coast
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Discover the Lisbon and the Lisbon Coast

Discover the Lisbon and the Lisbon Coast

As the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon offers everything you could expect and more. With a wealth of history blended effortlessly with modern commerce, it is considered the gateway to Europe and is home to many international brands, companies and people.

Surrounding it is the Lisbon coast which not only houses the largest of Portugal’s cities but offers a deceptive stretch of golden beaches, dramatic cliffs and bustling, lively seaside towns.


Lisbon City


As only one of two Portuguese cities to be considered global cities, Lisbon is a major economic centre not only for Portugal but also in Europe. Billed as the “coolest city”in Europe by CNN, it offers everything you would expect from a major international city. Sat in a hilly coastal position, it is one of the oldest cities in the world and houses important commerce such as finance, media, entertainment, arts, international trades, education and tourism. Offering an international airport, motorway network and high speed rail system, it is easy to connect to other parts of Portugal, Europe and the rest of the world. 

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A converted summer retreat popular with the Portuguese, Cascais is steeped in history, having been location for the Portuguese royal family of a bygone age. It is rich in culture and home to some of the finest mansions and palaces in a small historical old town. The beaches here are ideal for those looking to paddle board or surf and with its direct connection to Lisbon it has become a popular suburban area for those looking to escape the city. 

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Offering a slightly calmer pace than neighbouring Cascais, Estoril offers grand hotels and turreted villas. Once the playground of the rich and famous, Estoril’s casino was the basis on which the James Bond Casino Royale film was created. Connected with a coastal promenade to Cascais, it is positioned as a well heeled resort, that offers a great selection of bars and restaurants clustered around numerous palm lined parks. Whilst it attracts tourism as many places in Portugal do, it is also a great base in which to live and work. 

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Like a real life fairy tale, Sintra has long been graced as an exclusive retreat for royalty. The town centre is a UNESCO world heritage site full of pastel coloured mansions and intricate palaces that make you feel like you have stepped into an enchanted age. The coastline here is just as dramatic with its soaring cliffs that plunge down to sand coves and its forest cloaked hills, that hide ancient castles amongst them. 

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The peninsula of Tróia sits south of Setúbal and is the one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline with over 13km of pristine sands and clear crystal waters. Offering peaceful pine forests and sheltered by the mountains, it has its own mild microclimate. At its tip sits a modern resort built around a marina that is connected by a short ferry ride to Setúbal. Tróia boasts a Casino, apartments and a number of cafes and restaurants. 

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At the foot of the Tróia peninsula, the village of Comporta offers a chic atmosphere. With smart pastel coloured beach huts and sand dunes, it is surrounded by pine forests and offers a unique place where you can feel connected to nature and experience a tranquil setting. Whilst it is growing in popularity, Comporta is still has a slow and simple place, not overrun by tourism. It is a great place to experience living authentically in Portugal.

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Costa da Caparica


Just a stones throw away and set on the south side of the river with a view across to Lisbon, Costa da Caparica is a former fishing village that still boasts the colourful boats Portugal is known for. Today there are many great restaurants that serve up the catch of the day, delivered directly by the local fisherman as well as several great night spots that give the area more of a buzz than its original sleepy vibes. This stretch of coastline offers 26km of stunning beaches, and natural beauty. 

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Just 30 minutes south of Lisbon, Setúbal is at the heart of Portugal’s sardine industry, with a landscape that blends the beauty of the beaches and mountains together effortlessly. Another location steeped in history, the city dates back to Roman times, which can be seen in the buildings and streets of the city centre. Famed for its sweet Moscatel wine. Between the many squares and public parks you will find cafes and restaurants dotted around where the locals will still sit and enjoy the moment. 


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